Gulu, Northern Uganda - challenges faced and ICGM accomplishments

Gulu district has undergone over 22 years of insurgence. Over three quarter of the population were displaced and lived mainly in camps. About 1in 5 people in Gulu district is a man. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed, including schools and healthcare facilities. Gulu has been described as a disaster area. On national average, Northern Uganda is the poorest region in the country.

The Project aims are the provision of training in Tailoring for Poverty Alleviation in Gulu. The end goals are to equip individuals in tailoring and entrepreneurship skills. At the end of each year, a minimum of 50 students, will be able find employment, create their own businesses and improve their livelihood. The provision of these job creation skills would not otherwise be available from mainstream formal and vocational institutions, to enable people, especially women, to improve their economic condition and livelihood.



 Kisoro Widows and Orphans

ICGM Accomplishments

In 2004 ICGM provided clothing to one of the camps, in Lira of internally displaced people (see pictures). ICGM also provided funds to widows in Gulu for business development so that they can support their families. The programme will benefit from the planned 100,000 GBP needed to help orphans and widows education and development programme.

ICGM successfully raised the awareness of the problems of the Kabale - Kisoro road, and water in Nyagatembe village, with the MP and State Minister and the then in charge of district water supply, Kisoro district. The road is now under construction and the village now has clean, safe water.



In 2006 ICGM conducted evangelistic campaigns in Bunagana trading centre, (located on the Uganda-Congo border) showed films in the villages and conducted a conference in cooperation with churches in Kisoro. Many people were saved. Christians were uplifted. The Film show in villages was very successful. ICGM needs at least 130,000 GBP to address poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and English language training.



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