International Christian Gospel Ministries (ICGM)

Founded in June 2003, International Christian Gospel Ministries (ICGM) is an apostolic, and Community Development Christian Ministry, based in Bicester, Oxfordshire and in Uganda – the Kisoro district of S.W Uganda and the Kampala and Gulu District of Northern Uganda.


Pictured above are Students from The College of Design and Technology, Gulu, Northern Uganda, wearing colourful dresses designed and made by themselves!

ICGM’s UK Mission

The sharing of the Gospel of Christ Jesus continues on streets of Bicester and Oxford. In Oxford people who get saved on the street are encouraged to go to a Bible believing church. ICGM has had successful children’s programmes in Bicester, including engaging children in cooking, video shows and provision of snacks.

Support has been provided to some families with health and stress related needs, in Bicester and Oxford. ICGM plans to set up a drop-in centre, at an estimated cost of 55,000 GBP, in Bicester and Oxford. The programme will provide opportunities for lonely and lone parents to break loneliness, build social skills and relationships.

International Christian Gospel Ministries (ICGM) was registered as a UK Charity in 2003 (Registered Charity Number 1100978). The organisation is also registered in Uganda as an NGO (No. 6386).


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